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Our Story

Picture makes a social media post in January 2020:

Awhh shucks now! Jr just went downstairs to the Keurig and made me a cup of coffee. I didn’t even want coffee, but because he asked if he could make it, it’s the best ish I’ve had all year. 😍

Why is that a big deal? Well, because of his stroke (at birth), he has limited use on his right side, but he’s a Leo like his momma, so he uses his fight and superpowers for good.

I feel like I can take on the world today now!
Have a peaceful and productive day FB, I insist on it...

And then it began...the universe knew Jr was proud of his newfound barista skills.

During the pandemic, Jr was introduced to a roaster that offered to create and ship a coffee line just for Jr, and thus, Jr's Java and More was created. We are woman-owned (co-owner is mom), black-owned, youth-owned, and disabled-owned.

Thank you for visiting the site and learning all about Jr's Small Batch, Fresh Roasted, Artisan Coffee. 💙💙💙

As of July 2020, we offer single origin coffee and flavored coffees.

Watch us grow, and watch Jr inspire his fellow superheroes with special needs / chronic illnesses / disabilities that they too can share their passions with the world! (Jr is diagnosed with autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, limited use of his right side and sleep disorder from the stroke he had the day he was born. He's warrior, and you can be too!)